Why Home Owners

Should Purchase Pro Photography.

You Own The Rights

You can provide all interested Agents with Pro Photography

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Invest In Your Property and aid agencies in getting your property seen and sold

we stand out
amongst the crowd.

Home owners often expect the agent to fork out the dough to pay for any expenses that come with selling a home, This can range from flyers to advertising to photography to video to a whole range of services and products that are required to gain the edge on the competitors in a very cut throat industry.

And often dont get the sole mandate that allows the agents to reap the benefits of their hard earned money and energy spent on gaining this edge on the competitors. It is because of this that agents often don’t invest to much time and money on a property listing if any at all.

At Amanzimtoti Homes we have the solution to maximize your property exposure without choking out the competitors. Simply put we believe the home owners should make the small investment into the sale of the property and help the agency that has valuable resources to gain maximum exposure on the property market.

Thus ensuring a smooth successful sale, at the very least you will gain more views than what you would without professional real estate photography. Another tool in your corner is the small investment could be used in negotiation towards the price difference or commission. Since an agent only receives payment well after all the hard work has been done agents may feel the investment is not worth it since they can easily run at a quick loss due to the sheer amount of properties an agent deals with on a monthly basis.

Licensing can become tricky when it comes to agents because we as photographers have to hunt and create a relationship with the agent so when another agency uses the photo’s (without compensation) this is considered stealing. But with home owners its simple, you pay for the rights to provide your photos to any agency you see fit. You also have the right to withhold the photo’s if say you choose to go with a sole mandate. There are no limitations to your rights when you as a home owner purchase real estate photography from us at Amanzimtoti Homes.

So don’t wait for the agent to make the investment, take the lead and it will benefit you the most.

Ready to Take the lead?

Don’t wait for the agent to make the investment.